Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Sunday Afternoon and The Scent of Grace Is In The Air.

I want to be outside right now. Lying on the cool blades of green that surround my house. I wan't to stare into the sun shine, bat my lashes at it shyly. I wan't to whisper my secrets to the clouds. Shape flower peddles to the mold of my palm. Mix "I love you"'s with the wind.
These days have grown long. The moon seems to stand further and further out of the galaxy. The clouds have come to make home over the skies. I can but watch as winter unfolds over me. It's in these moments that I look out the open door of my heart, feel the cold breeze sweep past my toes as they inch closer to the edge, reach out my hands, fingers extended high, close my eyes- and jump. Take the flying leap towards a Summer in France, Spring time in Florence, pouring rain in St. Petersburg. Any where but here.

By the way, I wrote a song. I'll post it- in a few.
I'll be back later though. Till then stay beautiful fire lights. Stay strong pillars of faith. Stay there, don't leap, not until it pleases- Then run and leap and fly! Don't hold your breath for one moment of it. Take it all in; every bit of it. Expand your lungs quick, don't miss a second of your destiny. Remember, fire lights, burn on- burn on and and on and on.

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