Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An HP Sorta Christmas.

This is Toby K.'s first blog from her NEW computer! And it's nice. I can actually play songs on my itunes with no skipping. I can run multiple pages without freezing. I can move from one page to another without it taking 15-30 minutes to load (no lie). I am very excited about this. Now, I just don't know what to write about....that could be a problem. Well, I'll tell you about my Christmas---- I got a laptop; that's about all you need to know.

Just Kidding.

I had an amazing Christmas. I got home from work, spent the morning sleeping and then celebrated the suprisingly sunny Christmas afternoon with my Dad and Gramps. After I got home from that I had Christmas with my parents where we opened presents and ate an early dinner. Later in the evening we watched Toy Story 3, which was by far the best movie ever! I laughed and cried and then laughed some more. Mid way through my dad fell asleep snoring in his recliner and my mom started playing her DS- but me, I was completley captivated. I could hardly take my eyes off the screen despite interuption from the speradic bursts of snores that came from across the living room; but besides that, the movie had all my attention. After that, I slept for a few extra hours and then headed to work. That was my Christmas in a nutshell. It dosen't sound too fun compared to some of the Christmas stories I've heard the last couple of days, but I really did enjoy myself and plus---did I mention I got a laptop? Cause I did.

Just kidding again. But really I am quite excited about my functioning computer. This means that I will be more apt to actually write blogs; this should hopefully make you happy.

Anyways, I'll write more later with a few more Toby K. cliche's thrown in there somewhere.
Goodnight, farewell.
-Toby K.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Song.

I will bow my knee's at Jesus feet,
cause I saw salvation through his eyes,
I will sing his praise, hands upraised,
I've meet this Man, the God, born to die.

This man, this man, lived his whole life,
on a street, on a street, with his nations beside,
He marked the road with tears and blood,
that we may live, as the chosen ones.

Oh Jesus come, Jesus come, Jesus come, Jesus take us away,
We need you now, need you now, need you now, on this day,
For we have come, we have come, we have come, to worship around,
The son of God, in human form, where my Saviors is found

He wrapped evil in holy chains,
cast them down on the third day,
they thought they won, but he rose again,
the power in the blood left no power in the sin.

Oh Jesus come, Jesus come, Jesus take us away,
We need you now,  need you now, on this day,
We've fallen hard, fallen hard for a love,
That was sent, that was sent, with the son,

Clothed in glory, drapped in strength, he washes us in the waters of faith,
they threw their stones and cursed his name, at our God, Jesus.
They mocked his love, his holy words, but soon enough he will be heard,
Curtain torn, Earth tremebled, Our God risen.

He is Lord, he is Lord, Lord on high,
He is Lord, he is Lord, born to die
Born to die, Born to die, Adonai, Jesus Christ
Born to die, born to die, Adonai, Jesus Christ,
born to die, born to die, Jesus Christ.

-Toby K.

It's Sunday Afternoon and The Scent of Grace Is In The Air.

I want to be outside right now. Lying on the cool blades of green that surround my house. I wan't to stare into the sun shine, bat my lashes at it shyly. I wan't to whisper my secrets to the clouds. Shape flower peddles to the mold of my palm. Mix "I love you"'s with the wind.
These days have grown long. The moon seems to stand further and further out of the galaxy. The clouds have come to make home over the skies. I can but watch as winter unfolds over me. It's in these moments that I look out the open door of my heart, feel the cold breeze sweep past my toes as they inch closer to the edge, reach out my hands, fingers extended high, close my eyes- and jump. Take the flying leap towards a Summer in France, Spring time in Florence, pouring rain in St. Petersburg. Any where but here.

By the way, I wrote a song. I'll post it- in a few.
I'll be back later though. Till then stay beautiful fire lights. Stay strong pillars of faith. Stay there, don't leap, not until it pleases- Then run and leap and fly! Don't hold your breath for one moment of it. Take it all in; every bit of it. Expand your lungs quick, don't miss a second of your destiny. Remember, fire lights, burn on- burn on and and on and on.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Mornings- What Else Should You Expect From A Tired Toby K.?

Recent Obsessions (you know, like the things that have really taken a liking to my mind's eye):
- But before you continue you must be fair warned, there are a lot of them and a lot of strangness added with them as well....so now you can't say I didn't warn you-

Clears throat.
One- The word billowy, especially when used to describe clouds.
Two- The shadows that rain drops and street lights make on your arms when driving.
Three- Water color paintings.
Four- Guys in Starbucks who look like the main character of my next novel.
Five- Tuesday Morning Coffee.
Six- Reading the first fourteen (or so) lines of a book and then losing interest.
Seven- The constant use of ellipsis and parentheses.
Eight- Walking while praying.
Nine- Pea Coats. Fancy Coats. Big Coats. Small Coats. Winter Coats. Coat Shopping...Basically anything that has to do with Coats.
Ten- Seashells.
Eleven- Hippies.
Twelve- Seeing a clock read 04:21 (my birthday).
Thirteen- Google.
Fourteen- Christmas Cards! I can't wait. I get them today, give them out on Sunday, get all the awesome compliments on Wednesday! Best part of the Christmas Season thus far.
Fifteen- Thinking about Disneyland; too much perhaps.
Sixteen- ...well I can't quite think of a sixteen right now...how about a seventeen?
Seventeen- Little kids.

So that's my obession list for Friday Morning- I know there's more, a tons more and who knows, I might add them later.
Ta-Ta for now.
Toby K.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Music.

Would you like to know my wish?  Lyrical Creativity.
I can not write songs for my life...well, now, maybe if my life truely depended on it I might be able to produce something semi-worthy of being called a song; but in real time, when my life is not dangling by the strings of smooth sounding stanza's- I suck. I wan't so bad to write a wonderful, powerful, illuminating song that will glorify Jesus and be something fruitful for the Kingdom of God...but no matter how hard I try or how much bursts of inspiration I get, I can not seem to produce anything slightly substantial. This frustrates me. I will keep practicing though. Reading and studying and writing ofcourse; I don't think there will ever be time when I cease to write or desire to write that is. Maybe I'm simply not meant to write songs, just like there are a lot of things I'm not meant to do, like.....milking a snake for example, that I don't see myself being meant to do, or walking the trapeze at a circus, or killing a spider with my bare hand, or drinking a blended cheeseburger....all these things, I think, are alright for me not to be meant to do- ever. So maybe writing songs is just one of those things.
So yes, here we have Toby K. the great long scripted blogger who talks about herself in third person and can infact not write songs. Big whoop Toby K., let's not have a cow over it- maybe a simple blog rant will be sufficent enough (or so atleast I hope).
-Toby K.

(P.S. Thank you to all my blog followers. When I write these blogs I never picture people actually reading them, but I know my little post title and few first sentences always appears in the little boxes at the bottom of your screen everytime I push Publish Post, and since you all have taken it upon yourself to push Follow, I can only presume that you gander on over to my little star in this blog univerese and actually scan your eyes through the words I write and I, my blog followers, appreciate you, so very very much and I just wanted you to know that.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

If A Blog Be A Blog, Then Let Them Be Blogs Indeed.

So about yesturday morning.....It's nearly impossible to put it all in one blog, fore frankly, it was crazy. There is slight possibility that due to exhaustion therefore lack of oxygen to my brain I might of had an experience equivalent to that of being high- I told you, it was bad. I was so looney and so very not myself. When I got home my first intention was to blog because my writing inspiration was (from how I was thinking at the time) the most phenominal collection of words that I've had in my head for a long time; but my computer is notorious for running extremely slow and since my attention span was that of a nat I went for the conventional paper and pencil...and this is what I wrote:
(Now keep in mind this was just a summary of what I wanted to write about so that when it came time for me to write it, it would be there incase my memory had forgotten it, but this does give a very good repersentation of what my thought processes were truely about.)

There were paper horses and flowy ribbons, grand balls and sunrises- don't forget those, they are the most important of them all. There was also a three legged dog and a valiant prince that helped me pass through the fog infested water crossing, where the water was even with the ground and the roads were so black one could not be sure if they were truely treading on ground or river! The rainbow comes later and before then...well I know there has to be more. Oh! Ofcourse. Jays trip to college, his unhomely dorm, his fifth floor friends.
And then there's Ms. Mary and her precocious preacher, who, when saw her typing said, "If my father saw you doing that he'd say you were the anit-christ"; and then ofcourse there's the boy from the city who says "Ofcourse a country girl can run".

...and that's it. I fell asleep on my journal and woke up pencil still in hand as if the next line was on the tip of my tongue gearing up to come out.Too bad it never did, I could of added more to my non-sensical piece of literature. Well, farewell for now. I'm off to bed after a long nights work.
-Toby K.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A (short) Morning With Toby K.

It's cold in my room. Even hidden beneath three blankets and two pillows I'm shivering. Before this page loaded and I began typing I was snuggling close to my little laptop trying to steal it's warmth...yeah, that's how desperate I am for just the slightest bit of heat. I just got home, literally less than ten minutes ago, from a long night at work. The other evening I had a breakdown about work in the middle of my living room while in an (yet another) intense argument with my Father. This job kind of- well more than kind of sucks. So yet again I'm out looking and praying, mainly praying at this point since I haven't quite had a day off to look, for a different job. It will come, I know it will. I just need to hold myself together a little while longer and I'll be fine.
Goodness. It is still so cold!
But I need to start blogging more since I've gotten into a habbit of only blogging on Friday's...hopefully that will be changing soon and I can get back into my Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine. Well, that's all for now.
Toby K.