Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Mornings- What Else Should You Expect From A Tired Toby K.?

Recent Obsessions (you know, like the things that have really taken a liking to my mind's eye):
- But before you continue you must be fair warned, there are a lot of them and a lot of strangness added with them as now you can't say I didn't warn you-

Clears throat.
One- The word billowy, especially when used to describe clouds.
Two- The shadows that rain drops and street lights make on your arms when driving.
Three- Water color paintings.
Four- Guys in Starbucks who look like the main character of my next novel.
Five- Tuesday Morning Coffee.
Six- Reading the first fourteen (or so) lines of a book and then losing interest.
Seven- The constant use of ellipsis and parentheses.
Eight- Walking while praying.
Nine- Pea Coats. Fancy Coats. Big Coats. Small Coats. Winter Coats. Coat Shopping...Basically anything that has to do with Coats.
Ten- Seashells.
Eleven- Hippies.
Twelve- Seeing a clock read 04:21 (my birthday).
Thirteen- Google.
Fourteen- Christmas Cards! I can't wait. I get them today, give them out on Sunday, get all the awesome compliments on Wednesday! Best part of the Christmas Season thus far.
Fifteen- Thinking about Disneyland; too much perhaps.
Sixteen- ...well I can't quite think of a sixteen right about a seventeen?
Seventeen- Little kids.

So that's my obession list for Friday Morning- I know there's more, a tons more and who knows, I might add them later.
Ta-Ta for now.
Toby K.

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  1. I must say, this post is one of my tops. I loved the imagery. And I loved how whimsical and totally random it was...I could see the little droplet shadows on my arms, could imagine the hipster barista, mmm..billowy clouds just made for daydreaming..ah yes toby've done it again!