Thursday, December 9, 2010

If A Blog Be A Blog, Then Let Them Be Blogs Indeed.

So about yesturday morning.....It's nearly impossible to put it all in one blog, fore frankly, it was crazy. There is slight possibility that due to exhaustion therefore lack of oxygen to my brain I might of had an experience equivalent to that of being high- I told you, it was bad. I was so looney and so very not myself. When I got home my first intention was to blog because my writing inspiration was (from how I was thinking at the time) the most phenominal collection of words that I've had in my head for a long time; but my computer is notorious for running extremely slow and since my attention span was that of a nat I went for the conventional paper and pencil...and this is what I wrote:
(Now keep in mind this was just a summary of what I wanted to write about so that when it came time for me to write it, it would be there incase my memory had forgotten it, but this does give a very good repersentation of what my thought processes were truely about.)

There were paper horses and flowy ribbons, grand balls and sunrises- don't forget those, they are the most important of them all. There was also a three legged dog and a valiant prince that helped me pass through the fog infested water crossing, where the water was even with the ground and the roads were so black one could not be sure if they were truely treading on ground or river! The rainbow comes later and before then...well I know there has to be more. Oh! Ofcourse. Jays trip to college, his unhomely dorm, his fifth floor friends.
And then there's Ms. Mary and her precocious preacher, who, when saw her typing said, "If my father saw you doing that he'd say you were the anit-christ"; and then ofcourse there's the boy from the city who says "Ofcourse a country girl can run".

...and that's it. I fell asleep on my journal and woke up pencil still in hand as if the next line was on the tip of my tongue gearing up to come out.Too bad it never did, I could of added more to my non-sensical piece of literature. Well, farewell for now. I'm off to bed after a long nights work.
-Toby K.

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