Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Passionate Philippic

The bowl next to me has about a 1/2 cup of milk left over from my midday snack that I designated at Fruity Cheerio's on this dreary cold February day. "Slurp", sounds as I consume the last remaining drops. It was sweet and wet, the perfect thing to cleanse my palette after todays visit to the dentist. As we speak I have six rubber circles shoved between my gums seperating my teeth for the braces that will be applied this coming 24th. As excited as everyone is surrounding me, I would rather not jump for joy over the self-inflicted pain that I am putting myself through. And on top of that, today I had an orientation and walkthrough at the hospital for my up and coming internships; upon arrival (after going through the wrong door and standing in a room awkwardly for about a minute), I found a note on the correct door informing me that the entire orientation was moved to next week..."sorry for the incovenience". I would have preferred an apology five hours ago, before I left to the hospital. But "what is done is done" as my mother would have eloquently stated. So as I brush the gas money filled dust and debris off my non-grudgeful shoulder, I will keep myself preoccupied by running my tongue over the plastic pieces wedged throughout my mouth.
Luckily I have church tonight, and after reading the above paragraph I bet many of you are wondering, "Is this person really Christian?", but I think that everyone, Christian or not, has days that upset them. Yes, Christians do get flustered and aggrevated as much as we try to hide it. But I think the difference is that we don't really take all of it to heart. Yes, today was slightly off, compared to the day that I had planned on experiencing, but that does not mean the rest of my day is ruined or wasted. No, that is not true. After I finish typing this I will go and pray for a while before running out to finish some errands before church tonight where I will commit thirty more minutes to prayer. And I right now, vow to have productive and effective prayer...the devil will try to change that, but I wont left him.
So my over all point is that I think that no matter what events may occur, don't let them level your day competley, and also don't let someone's ranting over a blog characterize them as something or another. For I am not truely riled, I am but lavished with strong emotions, alike any woman in today's society.
-Toby K.

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  1. I like your ending conclusion :), it really inspired me not to let one bad thing that occurs in ones day control their entire state of mind :) Muy bueno chica