Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Day of Work and Church

Today is seemingly a busy Sunday for on an average my Sunday's seem calm and layed back. I go to church 9:30 and get home around 12:30-1:00pm, (depending on whether or not I go out with friends this time may vary), once home I usually curl up with some novel that I have taken interest in and listen to music for the few hours until our night service which starts at 6:30pm, but I leave at 5:30 for prayer at the church. I enjoy going to prayer because it helps get me focused on service and my tasks at hand. But today, unlike my many other Sunday's does not seem as enjoyable. I must clean out the back of one of our cars as we have found that that trunk has been holding water in the spare-tire hold. So with towels, gloves, and some old jeans I will attempt to find the problem for this water accumulation. While doing that I will have laundry going which needs to finished and folded, then I must clean the bathrooms, and do the dishes if I see fit. On any other day, these chores would not serve as an issue, but since this is Sunday, a HOLY day, I would rather lounge and forget the world for a moment. But I doubt that if I search for scritpures about Sunday as a day of rest, the chores at hand will slowly back away no longer needing tending to.
I am rather excited about service tonight for I will be sitting in on our Children's Church service, and I have never done that before. I will soon be more involved with Children's Church, and I thought it would be nice to familiarize myself with the various kids and activities. I know many of the children, and more so their parents, but there are still some who have completley escaped my knowledge. I often expressed my strong feelings of dislike for children, but as of late I have been told that I "work well with kids". Is that not always how it is; you become the thing you strive most not to be?...So I am destined to be the mother of six rambunctious annoying children who will inherit all of my flaws; oh what a joy.
-Toby K.

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