Monday, March 14, 2011

What Great Power It Has.

I've written and deleted a million blogs in the last couple of weeks, I've written songs and rewritten songs, I've helped edit essays and even thought up some slightly original pieces of imagination...but where is that all now? It's back with my other forgotten thoughts, reminiscing with my childhood birthdays and every first day of school since kindergarden to the day I walked down the green with my red cap and gown, their throwing a game of catch with the little girl on a tee-ball team in small town Minnesota, playing twenty questions in the back seat on another sixteen hour drive for another move across little america; those little writings are lost in the collection of journals under my bed, missing beneath the paintings and books and articles and miscellaneous music videos and empty toothpaste tubes, knots of blonde curls strung through distracted far off fingers, and every complicated piece of simple me. They got misplaced between work and weddings and conference and revivals and skit and concert scenes and new songs and puppet team and Tuesday morning coffees and sleep and life. Those little things got imbetween me and writing, my second love. That's a pretty big deal for us...we'll need more remedy than a single blog to mend this gapping hole life's created; were gonna need some slow time, when the wind moves soft and we can just be us, simple us.

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