Friday, February 11, 2011

The Oxymorones!

We are The Oxymorones. We're just about the coolest most awesome skit team you've seen this side of Heaven.
I love us.
I love that we fight through a majority of all the things we do. I love that we laugh through it all. I love that we've all fallen in love with the little pieces of wood and nails and carpet that create our stage. That we all know and appreciate the rush and excitment that happens right before the curtain opens. That we dance and jump and sing outreageously loud back stage as the band plays beside us. I love that without God we'd be nothing, but with God, we've been able to move on the lives of sinners, change the minds of the rebelious, focus the hearts of the wandering. We've silenced a packed room and uproared the house with laughter. 
We've moved on this little city and have challenged others far beyond our four walls.
Skit has creeped and crawled its way into each of our lives, welcomed or not, and has made home in our hearts.
It just feels like home.

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