Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Chunk Munsters.

I've been looking around latley. Looking at my friends all getting married and having babies, or if they already have babies, wanting more. I look at all them and want that too. Why can't I just look at someone and just know...know that we're meant to be together forever and ever- "I do". But I know it will never come that easy, I do have some realism left in me. I just look around at these chubby faced chunks that bounce on the knees of stray teenagers and wonder about the little chuncks I will have to bounce around, or will I even have any for that matter? I pray all the time, about my life, about a lot of things.
I pray for my husband, that if he's not saved, he'd get saved quick and that if he is already saved, that God will just bless him and guide him in everything he does. I pray for my children, that I would be equipped to raise them, instill in them the word of God, that they would grow strong and live only in the will of God. I pray that I will guide them well. I pray for our marriage to be stable, for my family to be strong. I pray for these things all the time.
Then I remember- I'm so young! I'll be out of the house before I turn 19 and I'm barely keeping my job schedule on track. I have an almost non-exsistant savings account and I don't even have a car. I'll be living on my own in less then two months! I think I have enough on my plate, why would I want to throw a husband into that equation?- no answer for that one. Maybe in a few years when my life is a little more sorted. For now I'll bounce those little chunks on my knee and thank God that I can hand them back to their parents at the end of the day.
-Toby K.

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  1. men are trouble .... but i sure do miss having one :]

    dont worry kaylee it will happen... do not fear ! and seriously i would highly suggest everyone to wait til they r twenty five to get married... its seriously a lot more of a big deal and hard thing then we realize and we still have so much of ourselves we discover before we turn 25. ... consider ur self blessed and take ur time enjoying your single life. your will literally have the rest of your life with that man that god is creating just for u ... dont feel rushed. in the mean time just play with our babies .!