Saturday, October 23, 2010

Night Out On The Town

Oh la la, a suprise Saturday blog. I wouldn't often be blogging on a Saturday afternoon but if I don't now, I'll forget about all the fun I had last night and you would be missing out on some good ole' fashion Toby K. memories.
It all started yesturday after a series of random text messages between me and Joey (Joe Gash, for those of you who know multiple Josephs). The plan was a haunted corn maze, exciting right? Arriving at Joey's after a round about drive to the church and back, Marcos, Septembre, Joey, and myself all climbed into Joey's Big Red Truck and set off towards...well I don't know, but it was far off in the country thats for sure.
Oh! But lets not get ahead of ourselves. You must know that my Friday night's are never eventful...and I mean never. I work Friday nights till about 8:30 sometimes 9 and at that point everyone is already out having fun and exploring the wonders of Oregon, so I usually end up spending those nights home alone starring at the wall. So last night by the grace of God and the awesome amount of fervent prayer, my manager let me off early- for the first time in forever! It was outstanding.

Now we can back to the story---
Not after too long we began to pull into the driveway of this haunted corn maze and something seemed a little off...all the corn was cut down.
I couldn't stop laughing as we drove back towards the main roads. Silly Joey never thought to call and check to see if they were still in the corn haunting business, and they weren't. So after much deliberation we decided on Salem. We hit Taco Bell, caused a ruckus and then met up with Greg (Eckhart) at a very mysterious looking place called "WonderLand"...Aside from the strange title and unfortunate entrance it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a small room filled with Arcade games. I don't know how much the boys enjoyed themselves but I do know that me and Septembre went to town. We worked up some much energy shooting evil robots in a "wanna be" Star Trek game and then fought to the death in a very intense game of air-hockey; okay, it was more like 6 games, but you get the picture. Around 11:30 my attention span was shot and my tired body became slugish. I stood by as Joey and Greg got a chance to catch up in conversation and then finally we made our way back to the Big Red Truck. I got my last few bursts of energy out by laughing at my darling Septembre and then curled up humming to the sounds of the radio.
Finally arriving at Joeys, I yawned myself the two blocks back home and then crashed. Literally. I even slept through all three of my alarms.
Aside from the major exhaustion of this morning I had an absolute blast. I laughed so hard that I almost peed myself, and me and Septembre were able to have a much needed girls night---even with the guys there.
-Toby K.

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