Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Winding Path Leading Towards A Mighty Sea

I'm facing the winds. Starring straight towards them. I will never give up, not after the dust slaps my face and not after the debree begins to bruise my body. I will not stand down, turn aside, or crouch away in fear. I am stronger than any winds you could throw at me. Stonger than any storm you could put me in. Looking up into the eye of the storm, the winds a cyclone around me, I do not fear what comes next, a fight I will endure to stay grounded, because nothing is stronger than what I have. I have the King of all Kings, mighter than Zeus, more powerful than Posideon, more cunning than Hermes. My God is the only God. My God is the only Lord, the only Savior, the only Redeemer.

I realized today that it is not until you are in the eye of the storm, when facing you is the worst to come, that there is a peace knowing that you are halfway done. Halfway between life and death. Halfway between sanity and insanity. Halfway to knowing what lies outside this spinning vortex that has you blocked in every direction. I'm in this spot. Where the world seems to be the quietest, but if I move in any direction I can hear the screams and pains of my soul. Like crippled bodies reaching from the depths of a rolling sea is the hell that incompasses the mere mortal who dare defy God's will. The choice is ours. To listen and be heard, or to deny and be condemned. Which path do you choose? Both are rocky, long, and treturous, but niether lead towards the same dirrection, both take you far off in opposite ways. But even on the path to no where are there detours leading back to the path to somewhere. No matter how many mistakes. No matter how many flaws. No matter how many setbacks, there is one answer and one answer only. That is to listen and be heard, to call and be set free, to ask and be forgiven.

I am far down the path leading to no where, but I've come to a cross roads and I know which path I'm taking.

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