Friday, June 18, 2010

Sophies Lullaby

Daft is what I say.
Daft plays silly in the rain.
Daft does not yell or strike,
But looks beyond hell and strife.
Daft makes music with the breeze.
Singing lullaby's with the bee's.
Daft makes gentle, tough and kind,
taking hands in childs mind.
Daft dances the jitterbugs jig,
eating sweetly the tree's fresh fig.
Daft rest's sleeply on a slumbered rock,
mixing earth with righteous talk.
Taking new a day in time,
there goes daft, oh child of mine.


  1. The elusive Toby K...I suspect I know who you are, or atleast your nom de realite :) I saw you were following my blog and so came to meander thru your posts, and my, what a delightful, brilliant, enticing author you are! Did you write this poem? I love it, and not just because its for Sophie ha.
    blog on little lady. Thou dost amaze me.

  2. Hey Sophie,
    This infamous Toby K. is actually Kaylee Johnson (new "key" convert from the mac church) :P
    I love the fact that you liked this poem and I infact did write it. I was browsing through your blog because I saw Aly as one of your followers and I have heard so much talk about this blog its crazy. Everyone always talks about the stories that you write, about the girls and of your pioneering days, and this made me so curious. All your blogs were so fun to read and hearing things that the kids said (especially Miley's "lions and wishes" in the grass story) really realy inspired me. So not only does the title of this poem bear your name but was infact inspired by you and your family. And the fact that you liked it without knowing that I had even written it let alone that it was about you, really truely and honestly makes my day. :D