Thursday, November 17, 2011

Among The Rubble

I found this among some of my older drafts and I thought I'd share. It's nothing too amazing, and frankly I wish I could change some stuff with it, but I'm trying to get back in the habit of posting and since I don't really feel like writing I will use this. Hope you like :)

A seasons time has come and gone. The summer heat has turned an autumns rain, the warming ocean waves have turned a frigid tide, blooming buds have become fallen leaves; relationships have changed, passions have turned, a love has ended with the warm breeze it rode in on; it left on a whim and ruminated in a hurricane. But before long the changing weather calmed and the waters barely made a stir; people turned a blind eye and soon forgot. Tears have dried, a heart has healed. Over the horizon is nothing but a memory and beyond the memory is nothing but another season to watch the weathering changes as the heart sits on the shore waiting for the storm.

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  1. Welcome back love. Your writing has changed..its older, wiser, its losing that youthful naivete..which is bittersweet. I remember when my life started changing, and work and life began to shape and change my young mind, and conversely my writing evolved. Its fascinating to see our growth so charted out in our hearts ramblings, but almost whimsically sad to watch it go and see the effects of heart ache, stress, exhaustion, LIFE...on our creative mind.
    keep posting..I too am in a weird slump but desperately hope to find someone who's writing makes me think for awhile, and yours does, so write on miss K G.E.M.M